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« Meet the Press (New) Chuck Todd interviews Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta, Lt. General Michael Flynn and Stephanie Cutter, former Obama campaign deputy manager.
AgPhD (HD, TV-G) The Hefty brothers offer valuable tips to the farming community and educate the non-farming community on the basics of agriculture.
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave An Obstacle Adventure; An Upside Down Adventure (HD, TV-Y) The gang finds out what an obstacle is; the trio go outside and decide to play an upside-down game to find out if things have a right way or a wrong way up.
The Chica Show (TV-Y) A playful chicken dresses up in the costumes to go on adventures that take her everywhere from the bottom of the sea, to outer space, to back in time.
Noodle and Doodle (TV-Y) Cooking, creating and playing appeals to what preschoolers like to do while keeping in mind parents and their around-the-home needs.
Nina's World Nina's Very Merry Gift; Nina Celebrates Chinese New Year (HD, TV-Y) The adventures of a six-year-old girl, her talking plushy toy star and her yoga enthusiast grandmother as they look for everyday fun in her neighborhood.

« CBS News Sunday Morning Celebrating Charlie (HD, New, TV-G) A celebration of the life and career of "CBS News Sunday Morning" anchor Charles Osgood as his 22-year-long position as anchor comes to a close.
Face the Nation (New, TV-G) Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) discuss the vice presidential debate; House Speaker Paul Ryan; Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).
Bison Football Show with Chris Klieman Jeremy Jorgenson sits down with North Dakota State football coach Chris Klieman to look back at film from their previous game to get insight from the coach.
The NFL Today A comprehensive preview of all of the games scheduled to be played in the National Football League, including expert analysis and exclusive interviews.

Gilligan's Island Seer, Gilligan (TV-G) Gilligan unwittingly ingests seeds that leave him with telepathic capabilities, but he creates disharmony among the bunch by revealing too much information.
Saved by the Bell Zack's Birthday Party (TV-G) Zack develops a crush on the troublesome young daughter of his boss after the gang decides to take summer jobs at a beach resort together.
Saved by the Bell The Game (TV-G) Zack comes up with a plan to buy Carosi's car by beating him in a volleyball game but complications occur when his star player gets injured and can't continue.
Saved by the Bell Fourth of July (TV-G) Zack is chosen as one of judges at the Fourth of July beauty pageant but runs into pressure when Carosi decides he should vote for Stacey no matter what.
Saved by the Bell Boss Lady (TV-G) Stacey receives much-needed help from the gang when she's left in charge while her father is out of town and all the chefs decide to quit.
The Brady Bunch Cyrano de Brady (TV-PG) Jan brings her friend to the house and introduces her friend to her family and her friend instantly makes an impression on Peter, who asks Greg for some advice.
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